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Crypto Currency 

The main purpose of the currency is to aid exchange of goods. But, here we are talking of currency as an asset-class, like the limited-Gold, contrary to the infinite-fiat (like Rupee or Dollar). This is what the block-chain technology promises. However, block-chain also … Read more

 Crypto Currency
Stock Valuation and Technical Analysis

Stock Valuation for Engineers

As engineers we keep ourselves too busy (and occupied) in creating something useful and valuable for the society and the world at large, while we see people earn insane amounts of money…
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Clock Synchronization

Why can’t oscillators run at 125 MHz when they are designed to run at 125 MHz”? This is more of a physical and practical limitation to achieve the desired accuracy. “Is my one second shorter than your one second?” Paradoxical, because the label 1-second is exactly 1 second, the rest manifests as error in the device…
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 ESP8266 WiFi module for IoT

WiFi Module for IoT

One of the most widely available module/circuit for making a standard Hardware sensor talk over a network (or Internet) with a server is the Arduino based (or compatible) series of WiFi modules. Read More …

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