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The designers may or may-not fully understand the Hash or the Nonce or the smart-contract, the SHA or the Proof-of-Work algorithms and even the public-at-large remains oblivious and even wary of this seemingly “invisible” crypto-currency & asset-class. That does not stop them from being ultra-creative in order to build a creative logo and help build a brand around it. Fascinated by the technology and the blockchain creative designs here I collect and present the work of designers and branding experts with their imaginative and creative side  designing and depicting the “chains” in the “block-chain” technology.
I try to collect these creative, cryptic, virtual, imaginative CHAINS that try to persuade and help brand the block-chain world. (after all, depicting a BLOCK would’ve been quite boring in itself.)

Blocks as-well-as Chain. Good start.

Chain, chain, chain with some gears powered/driven by digital electronics & mathematics.

Dollar & Contract & Shield & entangled Diamond rings?

Transport, PC, Mobile and Money in blocks locked by chains. Ummm… Block-chain!

The handshake protocol with the block illusion. 2-way, N-way chains?

Neat but broken chains. Forks and ICOs, maybe?

Digital blocks and Matrix display. Neo Block-chain!

Thanks for the label.

Maybe Morpheus and Oracle are trading crypto

Space, Stars, Galaxy, Constellation chain. Add-in some parallel universe, maybe?

Blocks-only Block-chain

Architect ICO chain.

Blocks and Snakes? Just kidding. Blocks forming into chains, quite literally.

Almost Bitcoin. H-H-H-H Hitcoin.

I like the colors.

What? Alien Weapon?


How many different ways can you depict a humble chain? The designers and creative people never disappoint.
Hope you enjoyed.
If you have come across more, nicer, block-chain logos, art and creatives, please mention in comments etc and I’d be happy to add them with proper credit to you for digging them out.


About the Author

Jagmeet Singh Hanspal is a Software Architect and has worked with various organizations like Ericsson, Juniper Networks, TranSwitch Semiconductors in the field of Telecommunications and Embedded Systems. His interests include Linux, Micro-controllers, Parallel Processing, Networks, Time Synchronization protocols, Data Visualization & Statistical analysis etc. You can connect with him on Linkedin
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