Blockchain technology applications
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Blockchain technology applications

We are seeing a lot of in the Blockchain technology applications and the use of distributed ledger. While each and ICO launch is bringing in investments to the tune of millions of dollars, only a few of them can be called a real innovation. Have a look at these applications and services and decide for yourself:

  • Certification System by Viant & the World Wild Fund for Nature to track shipment and food supply with an immutable, verifiable record and proof of the origin/source of food/fish till its journey on to your table. The service can be extended to oil & gas or medicine tracking etc.
  • Hooter’s effort to re-brand itself as a Blockchain outfit. Chanticleer Holdings shaking hands with MobivityMind to launch Merit as a reward program for its customers.
  • Hyperledger Fabric (Walmart and IBM) applying blockchain to supply-chain process for food- etc.
  • Everledger service recording over a million diamonds and gems to a blockchain to eliminate counterfeit stones. (Source)
  • Kik (a messaging app) launched Kin tokens to buy / sell stuff on the Kik app.
  • Skedaddle embraced blockchain for providing a “Uber for Buses” service.
  • Listia (a barter market) which had Listia credits system, launching an Ink protocol for smart contracts, payments etc with the XNK tokens.
  • YouNow floated tokens, called Props, which can be used by viewers as gifts for the performers.
  • launching UnikoinGold tokens for esports betting (Source)
  • RecordsKeepers a storage repository and Psi Phi Global offering crypto-lockers.
  • Dubai’s bold announcement of , shifting paperwork to Block-chain powered governance.
  • IndiaChain from Niti Aayog to setup India’s own block-chain network. (Source)
  • GRNET, the national research and education network of Greece, working with blockchain R&D company IOHK to verify student diplomas on Cardano, a blockchain. (Source)
  • IOTA, a blockchain solution called Tangle for IoT ecosystem (Source)
  • And if you have not had enough yet, here comes blockchain for Marijuana. (Source)
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While we have opinions that some of the Blockchain technology applications listed above are real innovation and not just retrofitting of tokens, time will tell what the overall market decides.


Jagmeet Singh Hanspal 

Jagmeet is a Senior Technical Leader and has worked with various organizations like Ericsson, Juniper Networks, TranSwitch Semiconductors in the field of Telecommunications and Embedded Systems. You can contact him via his Linkedin profile. His interests include Linux, Micro-controllers, Programming, Parallel Processing, Data Visualization, Networks, Synchronization protocols, Statistical analysis etc. You can find more about his profile from Author’s personal page.

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