Future of Money - Cyptocurrency

Top TedX talks on blockchain you can’t miss!

Top TedX  talks on blockchain you can’t miss! Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been around for some time now but how these two technologies work is still mystery for many. The team at https://coingape.com/ has filtered the top 5 TedX talks on blockchain and cryptocurrency that will help you understand these technologies in a better way.  What better than to hear from experts themselves to understand these complex topics? Cryptocurrencies are certainly the pulsing point but blockchain is a “foundation technology” that everyone from governments, banks, financial institutions to big brands is interested in learning about and exploring its potential. Amidst … (Continue Reading)

Luxury Car

High-quality interior, big power and sturdy engines makes range rover a luxury saloon

Introduction: The Range Rover is a full-sized luxury sport utility vehicle made by British manufacturer, Land Rover marque since 1970. Undoubtedly, nothing is quite like a Range Rover. It has long been the magnificent SUV benchmark, and it even challenges luxury limousines for up market style, elegance and refinement. Its majestic image, exquisite interior, potent engines and unrivaled off-road ability simply make it the go-to vehicle for those who desire a luxury car that can do it all. The 3.0-litre V6 Engine Like-for-like competitors are actually few and far between, and distance everything from the Porsche Cayenne to the Mercedes … (Continue Reading)

Tech Cars

Technology is about to overtake humans in all aspects

Tech-cars takes care of your mood more than you do for your self Today we are living in a science age where man has conquered moon and looking forward to reach other planets and so on and in that time it is not acceptable to travel in cart like cars. Where technology rules over in every field automotive makes feel to introduce technology in cars as well not just to improve their sales but also to be more reliable and comfortable for their customers and to facilitate them even better. Powerful engines, luxury interiors and sporty looks are now out … (Continue Reading)

Pirelli Type IOT sensor

Pirelli wants you to talk to your car tyres

Pirelli wants you to talk to your car tyres Cyber Tyre is Here Geneva Motor Show is Paris Fashion Show of cars. This is where all the heavyweights and low weights of the car industry showcase their latest offerings. Geneva Motor Show is not just about hypercars and super saloons that make their way to the show, many other introductions occur at the Motor Show. Present to you the Pirelli Connesso While car engine gives power, a tyre is something it rolls. The Italian tyre maker, Pirelli has introduced a new tyre called ‘Pirelli Connesso’ which is essentially a smart … (Continue Reading)

Landrover SUV

How to be the best? Land Rover Discovery reveals its secrets

How to be the best? Land Rover Discovery reveals its secrets Few concealed qualities which make Land Rover Discovery the most exceptional SUV What kind of vehicle you think you have if you are not satisfied by its performance or compromising on its looks or infotainment system? That was early time when vehicles were used just for transportation but now people want a classy vehicle with extra ordinary looks, most powerful engine and latest gadgets along with luxurious interior. Yes it is true that finding all these qualities under a roof is quite hard but not impossible. It is not … (Continue Reading)

How Digital Transformation Is Affecting Manufacturing Industries

How Digital Transformation Is Affecting Manufacturing Industries It’s the time when (in India) the entire nation is being digitized under Digital India campaign; then how come the manufacturing industries are not being touched by it. Gone are the days when manual working use to be the lifeline of sectors. Now, from the bottom level of management to the top, everything is being digitalized. Similar to the Industrial Revolution that made a substantial impact on manufacturing industries; digital transformation is now held liable for moving the industry to another level. Some driving forces of digital conversion in the manufacturing industry are … (Continue Reading)

Cloud Computing - All In One (AIO) IT department

Roles Of An All-In-One IT Department

Roles Of An All-In-One IT Department Managing an IT department isn’t a piece of cake. To understand the challenges you are experiencing in your company one has to sit down and study your people, processes, and product. You might have prior experience in outsourcing IT to service providers, but here are some guidelines to get genuine solutions to your IT concerns. Establishing an All-In-One (AIO) IT department is essential. The unit operates like other independent teams. It offers cost optimization, long-term planning, and oversight. Here are the roles of an AIO IT department. Incorporates Your Team and System’s Knowledge A … (Continue Reading)

Mobile phone signal boosters in a nutshell

Mobile phone signal boosters in a nutshell What are mobile phone signal boosters and how to work with them In the recent contemporary world, technology is improving at a faster pace and never fails to amaze people with even bigger and more effective innovations. One of the recent innovative products that has just arrived to the market are mobile phone signal boosters. These gadgets do exactly what they are called for – they boost signal. However, the process involves more steps and components which is why we present you with detailed information on what they do, how they work and … (Continue Reading)

3 Great Pieces of Tech That Everyone Missed (or Forgot)

3 Great Pieces of Tech That Everyone Missed (or Forgot) Sometimes, something fantastic just doesn’t take off. Whether that’s because there was a lack of public awareness or people simply not realizing how useful the subject could be, it just doesn’t work. This applies to technology too. Over the years, there has been many different pieces of technology released which were genuinely brilliant yet ended up failing. Here’s our top 3 great pieces of tech that everyone missed – or forgot. Google Glass Unveiled by Google in 2012, there was obviously massive buzz around Google Glass. That’s why it’s so … (Continue Reading)