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Blockchain and Smart Contract Real World Ethereum Platform

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How smart contracts work It’s worth noting that bitcoin was first to support the basic smart contracts in the sense of that network can transfer the value from one person to another. The network of nodes will only validate transactions, if certain conditions are met. But, bitcoin wallet is limited to the currency use case.… Read More

ICO Consultancy END to END Services

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Full fledged knowledge about running an ICO campaign from the founder’s perspective is like a run of the mill. <Business Name Hidden> is a full stack Token Sales platform for the Blockchain Companies. We have successfully carved our niche as a preferred Blockchain Consultancy and Development platform for the next generation companies. Our primary focus… Read More


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People actually do talk about the black part of Cryptocurrency, while those investing in Cryptocurrency are praying people should not join the new technology and also praying you should consider what bloggers and other people say about the digital currency so there’ll be lesser people and the volatility won’t decrease. Are you scared because people… Read More

An Insight into the Future of Blockchain Data Technology


The blockchain technology is not just about bitcoins and cryptocurrency. It actually represents the new way technology-recording information and processing technology. Blockchain actually solves the trust issue problem when two-party exchange the monies. Cryptocurrency:It is an online currency and assets. Bitcoin: It is one of the most famous crypto-currencies held by blockchain technology. Mining: The mining procedure… Read More


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German Auto Manufacturers are the Forerunners in this Electrified Race EVs or more precisely Electric Vehicles are shaping the future of automobiles. The rapid advancement in technology has brought a revolution in almost all the fields of life. Electric cars are one of the outcomes of this advancement and have a very bright future. How… Read More

Citroen C3 three Cylinders Engine and Limited Options

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Citroen C3

Tech features are covering most of the needs of modern-day car drivers If a new car looks good it always managed to pull buyers and increase units’ sale. Citroen C3 has this edge and expecting another great year in the auto market. Another unique thing this vehicle keeps doing is to offer something different that… Read More

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Government Contracts

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When it comes to the strongly competed for Government Contracts, it is easy for small entrepreneurs to get lost in the event of securing contracts. This is likely due to large business entities that have strong zeal to obtain all the available government contract projects. The influence and the power game in a variety of… Read More

Understanding solar energy

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Solar Panels

Understanding solar energy The energy emitted from the sun in the form of light and heat is the solar energy. While most manmade energy sources such as fuel and fossil thermal/electric energy are non-renewable sources, solar energy is the renewable source of primary energy that supports plant and animal life on earth. In this day… Read More

Chloroprene Rubber Sheet Rolls are the latest market buzz

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Rolls of Chloroprene Rubber Sheets are making a great buzz in the industrial market across various sectors. The rolls made of this polymer are in great demand for their immense balance of properties and economical nature.  Numerous synthetic rubber polymers that are either utilized in the form of sheets or rolls by various industries while… Read More

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