Citroen C3 three Cylinders Engine and Limited Options

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Citroen C3

Tech features are covering most of the needs of modern-day car drivers

If a new car looks good it always managed to pull buyers and increase units’ sale. Citroen C3 has this edge and expecting another great year in the auto market. Another unique thing this vehicle keeps doing is to offer something different that helps it to sustain its ranking in the class.
Citroen engine power and agility allow you to enjoy riding and driving. It is a small hatchback of French automaker and it has much of Cactus but still many of its own features. Three-cylinder engine and well-designed interior are other areas that could be of great advantage for owners of the car.
Its price is not suggesting it a cheap option and just one trim package keeps the range really short. Only hatchback body style is available so no great variety but it is a temptation in its own manner.
You get standard specifications like central locking, seventeen inches alloy wheels, reversing camera, auto headlights and wipers, climate control air conditioning, parking sensor for the rear, cruise control like any luxurious upscale car and power windows.

Citroen C3 Interior

Citroen C3 Interior

Interior of the car is offering a good riding experience

Speed limit recognition is another driving aide to keep things well under control. In the middle of the dashboard, you will get a seven inches touch screen that has a number of controls that makes things easier for you.
This facility in most the cars today is to provide you access to all basic features instantly. Good screen size and quality also play their role to improve the utility of this facility. In this car multimedia system, you also get connectivity of both types of smartphones Android and Apple.
These would also compensate for the absence of a sat navigation system that should have been built in. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are also possible for phones of the seat occupants. Six speakers are enough to make the sound of your liking.

Attractive colour schemes safety features

Colour of the car depends on affordability as simple colour cost you far less than a metallic array. Attractive three contrasting roof colours are also an option list. Other than that panoramic sunroof and other deft colour touches are also possible.
It creates its own Wi-Fi that can be managed through your phone app. A built-in dashboard camera is the first one in this segment and it records and takes photos. In case of a collision, it acts just like a black box and you can switch it off when not needed.

Citroen C3 Engine

Citroen C3 Engine

Seat comfort and simple layout of the dashboard

You would find it a perfect car for city roads though it is ready to go off-road but not a true sports vehicle. Seats are comfortable and the dash has been designed to keep things simple for these reasons interior is to give you feel of ease.
You can put a water bottle in each door pocket though cup holders are just three, two up front and one for the rear row. The nice roomy interior is inviting five though with a little hesitation the rear seat is quite spacious for two. A good choice among small family cars.

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