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Trust and Game-Theory

Recently I cam across a great simulation of Game-theory: Evolution of Trust
See how things start simple and get complicated. Having read this in theory, this is a practical life simulation of game-theory. Playing this game will open your eyes, open your mind. After all, the winner is not the CHEATER who wants to get the MAXIMUM (by cheating everyone else), but the winning situation is when everyone gets to WIN something decent. Now, let the Maths and Psychology and the Situation-Simulator speak for itself.
A related video:

Try it out, and maybe you will not be the same person again 🙂 You will only become better. Better at understanding others…
And here are some Gems… (As you see, the aim was NEVER to hoard the MAXIMUM you can get, and make others suffer. And also, not to die with a MINIMUM score. A “Balanced” approach is what I played and my results are depict here:

Even a bet on CHEATER always looses in the long run:

Now, this is depiction is nothing compared to the actual simulation. Go ahead and enjoy your game, don’t cheat others and comment with your results…
Btw, the strategy that my character played with (right from the first game invocation) was not covered in any of the defined characters. I have requested the Game Designer to give/produce a simulation with that too. In case you are interested, I can tell you more about it.

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