How to Maintain Your Car Parts

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The car is one of the most important and expensive possessions we have. Any car can have approximately 75000 parts. One loose bolt, unplugged wire or malfunctioning part is enough to make your car stand still. It doesn’t matter whether you use your car within the city limits or on longer routes, you use a simple low maintenance car or a luxury car, your car is most likely to need maintenance in some point in its life. A well-maintained car will keep your expenses low, save you from fatal accidents and unnecessary troubles. Therefore, for the long life of the car, your safety, cars safety and good service it is very important to maintain and keep your car and car parts in good condition.

Steps to maintain your car parts

Here are some important steps that will help you maintain your car parts

  • Car manual: Every vehicle requires a different type of maintenance; therefore, you must check the manual of the car that will help you to know and understand your car better.
  • Engine oil: Engine oil of the car should be changed in every three months or after it crosses 3000 miles. You might have to change it frequently if you drive amidst a lot of dust and debris. Well oil engine keeps the vehicle running for a long time.
  • Filters: Always change your oil filter, air filter and fuel filter and ensure that they are working properly because they might cause a lot of dent in your car pocket by increasing fuel consumption.
  • Car brakes: Car brakes are the most important parts of the car and can cause life-threatening damages if not taken care of. Change your brake pads at once if you hear any screeching sound as it means they are old and worn out. Always get your car brakes checked and repaired by specialists.
  • Tires: Punctured tires on the way can make your life chaotic therefor, never overlook the tires. Blowout of the tire can cause a fatal accident. Right maintenance of tire prevents accidents, saves fuel and time. Change the tire if it is old and keep the pressure of air right.  You must check your tire’s pressure every month or if they are producing any sound.
  • Coolant: Your car coolant will help your vehicle run smoothly by keeping the right levels of fluids that your car needs.  Don’t forget to check this regularly. Otherwise get prepared for overhearing while driving on the road which can lead to accidents.
  • Power steering: Well-maintained car steering will make your driving easy. Therefore, always check your power steering fluid.
  • Car lights:  Car lights should never be fused. They are very important to save you from any mishap during night drives. In some countries driving with car lights off can cost you a fine.

Car PartsNo one wants their car to stand still in the middle of nowhere. If you keep your car in healthy and well-maintained condition, you will never face such a situation. Car servicing will also save your hefty repair bills in future. The average cost of car servicing is also affordable and will depend on your car brand, model and service center. Some new cars come with free servicing facilities so don’t let them go waste.  One should also know that car servicing does not include repairs and change of car parts it is an additional cost. You should get your car servicing done in every 6 months or when you cross the miles mentioned in your car manual. Caring for your car and car parts will save your life and money. Therefore, get your car servicing done today.
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