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ICO Consultancy END to END Services

Full fledged knowledge about running an ICO campaign from the founder’s perspective is like a run of the mill. <Business Name Hidden> is a full stack Sales for the Companies. We have successfully carved our niche as a preferred Consultancy and platform for the next generation companies. Our primary focus is assisting our clients to launch the perfect crowdfunding campaign along with taking care of communities, campaign architecture, promotional activities, content management, technology infrastructure and the post ICO strategy
We provide our expertise over a vast field of ICO & blockchain technologies, but our choice when a needs to develop is Ethereum. At the present time Ethereum has a large community, flexible and solid programming language solidity,using our wizard you can create your token in a matter of minutes, but if your project requires extra or handcrafted features unavailable in the wizard contact us for help and we will walk you through every step of the way.

ICO End to End Services

ICO Strategy
Support for Branding
Development of Website for Token Sale
SEO for mobile and desktop
Facebook Page Optimization
Utilization of customer business tools
Review ICO whitepaper
Design Support for ICO whitepaper
Public Relations (PR)
ICO Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Newsletter Marketing
Marketing Monitoring
Digital Investor acquisition strategy
Digital Advertising
Landing Page Design
Bounty Campaign Management

ICO Legal

International AML/KYC Support
Jurisdiction Analysis
White Paper Creation
Whitepaper Auditing Service
Token Agreement, Privacy Policy, ToS
Fund Liquidation and Distribution
Post ICO Token and Legal Management
Tokenomics Advisory Services

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ICO Marketing

Product Validation Analysis
Roadmap & Marketing Strategy
Brand, Web, and Social Media Expertise
Premium Placement in News Outlets
International Bounty Program
Reputation Management
Digital Marketing
Community Management
Public Relations

ICO Financial

Book building and Book running Services
Escrow Services
Multi Sig Wallet Management
Financial Reporting and Auditing
Blockchain/ Accounting
Fund Administration

ICO Technical

Platform and Smart Contract Creation
Coding, Testing and Implementation
Major and Side Chain Experts
Code Security Audit
HR Services For Business
Financial Reporting
Board Guidance
Marketing and Product Placement
Token Control
Long Term Business Development
Reverse ICO Services
Operational Analysis
Decentralization Consulting
Legal Best Practice
Advice for Existing Investors
Guide to Reverse Token Offerings
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