Inquisitive Mind – Dec 2017

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A series of monthly knowledgeable and intelligent articles with links to interesting blogs entries, tools, and anything that interests an inquisitive mind.

  • The Amazing $1 microcontroller:
    Very detailed and thorough blog article on specs, tools, environment about minimal costing micro-controllers from Atmel, Cypress, Freescale, Microchip, NXP, Renesas (my favorite), ST etc
  • IP Header checksum:
    If you have ever tried to understand the TCP/IP protocols then you would have definitely stumbled upon the checksum field that is the part of protocol headers like TCP, IP. Roman10 and GeekStuff explain the IP header checksum in detail.
  • Jobs and Demand for AI experts, 
    There are 300,000 A.I. professionals worldwide, but that companies want millions more. The United States, China, Japan, and a handful of other countries are in an aggressive race to train more talent, with more schools teaching machine learning and other A.I. aspects. Article from DICE
  • The Sovereign Man:
    The ideas for securing your future when the governments you trust can show excesses in power and start intimidating. Careful, it leads to a paid link, but I am sure you can gather a lot of good info on the way even if you decide to not pay for their service.
  • The AI X-Prize:
    Selected top 10 teams and you can read about their proposals, ideas and submissions here.
    The XPRIZE Foundation has announced that 59 teams have been selected to move forward in the $5 million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition. The teams, which represent 14 countries, are developing vastly different technologies, all of which demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.
  • Website Monitor
    To keep a watch on any webpages (like government website, college scholarships, etc). Once you enter the webpage URL that you are interested in, the Webpage monitor keep a watch on it while you do your important work. If any change is detected, it sends you an email, as simple as that!
  • Browserling:
    I am really inspired by the work and dedication  of Peter Krumins and recently he had a breakthrough at Browserling with Jio and enlisted his top 10 tools. Today is 4 years since Peter and his co-founder James Halliday have been working at Browserling Inc. He shares what he thinks are the top 10 inventions at our company.
  • The Trunk technique 
    Decide right, and you could be set for life. The top artificial intelligence programmers, for example, make as much as NFL superstars. These programmers have suddenly found that the skill set they spent years honing has become incredibly valuable. The trunk technique of Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk …

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