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Gramatik crypto Token DJ

Denis Jašarević, aka Gramatik, is obviously picking up where David Bowie left off and taking this concept one step further. Together with Singular DTV, he can do what David Bowie probably always intended — to share his creations with the world in a much more meaningful way than was ever possible before.

Blockchain in the Music Industry

There are plenty of examples of other blockchain companies trying to revolutionize the music industry. For example, Tatiana Moroz, a singer and songwriter, is the creator of the “Tatiana Coin”. The coin is ushering in a new way of funding artists through a Bitcoin-driven platform which involves fans in a long-term relationship with the artist they choose to support.

Examples of the tokenization concept being put to use are becoming more common every day with projects like the LAToken platform and others. Enjin, for example, is a Blockchain-based platform that allows communities, content creators, game servers and game publishers to tokenize in-game assets through a minting process, allowing the tokenized digital goods to be freely exchanged and transferred by their holders.
Source: Core Media – Gramatik: DJ Goes Blockchain With the GRMTK token

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