Jagmeet Singh Hanspal

About Jagmeet Singh Hanspal

Jagmeet is a software professional, technical lead and an architect who leads end-to-end development work in cross-functional teams contributing towards prototyping, developing and bringing-to-market new and innovative telecom and embedded systems based products. He has full exposure to Software development processes complete with analysis, design, development, documentation, testing and version-control with deep as well as architectural level experience in ASIC/Semiconductor, Embedded and Telecom industry along with several invention disclosures, published patents and innovation awards for successful productization. His extensive work in technology leadership, innovation and idea creation has got him interested into product evangelism and value creation.

His skills & experience include Router Architecture, Parallel-processing ASIC, Fast-path Ethernet and IP packet processing, Linux OS, Multicore PFEs, BRAS/BNG protocols like PPPoE, L2TP, CLIPS, CCoD, and timing protocols like IEEE 1588 and Synchronous Ethernet. He has worked extensively on Systems Scaling, line-rate throughput and bring-up KPI. He other areas of technological interest include Embedded Systems Design and Firmware, Data visualization and Graphing with D3, Statistics, IoT systems with ESP8266 and RESTful HTTP APIs.

Jagmeet has worked with Ericsson, Juniper Networks, TranSwitch Semiconductors, Freescale and other organizations. He holds an Engneering Degree and is a Post-Graduate in IT Management.

He can be reached via jagmeet@lexybit.com or http://www.linkedin.com/in/hanspal