Mobile phone signal boosters in a nutshell

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Mobile phone signal boosters in a nutshell

What are mobile phone signal boosters and how to work with them

In the recent contemporary world, technology is improving at a faster pace and never fails to amaze people with even bigger and more effective innovations. One of the recent innovative products that has just arrived to the market are mobile phone signal boosters. These gadgets do exactly what they are called for – they boost signal. However, the process involves more steps and components which is why we present you with detailed information on what they do, how they work and what’s the benefit. Aside from this, it is also possible to get acquainted with the gadget through mobile phone signal booster guide.

What’s the mobile phone signal boosters’ purpose?

Cellular tower coverage can be a tricky thing, which can lead to lack of connection in many areas whether they’re regional or not. This can be caused by the specificity and type of the land, the location, the amplitude and many other factors. Lack of connection in its turn makes you more vulnerable to being unavailable and inaccessible by many people through your phone in a way that you will not be able to make calls, or even if you manage to they may get dropped or interrupted or have constant background noise. Situations like this can happen at any time and any place, and in case of emergencies it can cost you a life. Mobile signal boosters have been created with the
purpose of helping you boost the signal have more connection lines in your status bar, so that you can connect with whoever you need to even if you are in a place that has a weak celltower coverage.

How do they work?

There are a few components that comprise the entire process of how the mobile phone signal boosters work and those are – the outside antenna, the internal antenna, the booster unit and the coax cable which simply connects the booster units with each other. The process starts with the outside antenna which can be mounted on either the sides or the roof of the building. The function of the outside antenna is to catch the signal from the cell tower, which is unable to give you a stable signal itself, and broadcasts it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna in its turn is installed inside of the building and its function is to receive the signal communicated by the outside antenna and correspondingly transmit it to the booster unit (which is the gadget we are talking about).
What the booster unit does is simple – it amplifies the signal it receives from the internal antenna and boosts it up for the perimeter that you have chosen in order for you to have a stronger and more stable connection.

Types of mobile phone signal boosters

Mobile phone signal boosters have a variety of sized to fit your preferences, and they also come with a variety of types depending on the location you want to use them in. The boosters are
available for vehicles, ships and also yachts, offices and homes, business facilities, hotels. This mobile phone signal boosters are powerful enough to support multiple calls at a time, they make it possible to have connection during travel, in regional areas and while working in an office full of people. There are 2 packages available – standard and extra boost. The difference between the packages is that the extra boost package is designed to be able to catch the weakest outside signal and communicate to the internal antenna more effectively.

How to measure the signal strength?

Measuring the signal strength of your phone can vary according to the operating system you use which is why we will show you how to measure them both on Android and iOS. The signal strength is usually measured in decibels (dBM). If you have a really strong signal it means that the decibels should be as close to zero as possible, the 5 bar connection in the status bar of your phone means that the signal is strong and it can be somewhere near -65dBM. In order to understand how strong is your signal it would be more beneficial for you to test it outside because you will have a minimum of one single stable bar displayed on your phone. A way to do it on the Android operating system is to go to the Status in the About Phone section of your phone’s settings. From there you can easily find signal strength and find out the amount of decibels. In order to do the same on iOS you will have to go through these steps. First off, dial this code 3001#12345# and call, after which you will have to hold the power button as long as you see the “slide to power off” screen in front of you. Here you will have to long press the home button for 5 seconds and wait until the phone takes you back to the home screen where you will find the decibels mentioned right at the top.
Now that you know the basics of mobile phone signal boosters and how to measure your signal
strength you can decide whether this innovative and new gadget is something suitable for you and
your daily routine.
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