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Web technologies are growing very fast both in number and in developments. In fact, individuals and businesses are finding it hard to keep up with the speed. When new software development tools emerge, usually the old ones become gradually obsolete because new ones come with new and useful features. Therefore businesses should focus on new developments despite the cost involved in them because they tend to improve efficiency of the site, user interaction and bring nicer looking interfaces. In this case, here is a list of new and top software development tools that you should look forward to use in 2019.


NetBeans is a popular software development tool that is not only an open source but is also a free tool that is written in Java. NetBeans is useful when developing superlative desktop, mobile and web applications using Java, PHP, and C++ technologies. This tool is very easy to use and therefore can develop an application within a short time. The good thing about NetBeans is that it is compatible with any operating system such as Solaris, Linux, Windows and Mac OS among others. Its key features include writing bug-free code, smart code editing, quick user interface development, and easy management process. Being a Java application, you can be assured that you will easily update to its 2019 edition when it comes.

ionicIonic 2

Most people think that Ionic 2 is a tool for developing mobile apps, but they do not know that it is among the top software development tools you cannot miss in 2019. It is very useful when developing native and web optimized apps. The good thing about this tool is that it is an open source tool and is free to use. Ionic 2 uses one code base regardless of the number of platforms, comes with high-end plugins and built-in push notifications, coded in angular, and has reliable community support such as StackOverflow and Slack.


Vue.js is a part of Java Library that together with other tools combined forms a framework that is very useful in building web interfaces. The tool came into the surface for the first time in the year 2013 and currently has acquired more than 84,000 Github stars leaving numerous tools behind. Since its establishment, the tool has progressed significantly whereby developers keep on adding new useful features for the better user interface. One great thing about Vue.js is that it does not have the pedigree and therefore has very little baggage. It is like an update of development tools such as Angular and React as it corrects all the errors that came with these two tools before they brought their newest versions.


Bootstrap is another free and open source software development tool that is very useful when developing mobile-first projects and responsive websites. The tool applies HTML, CSS and JS technologies to develop software. Bootstrap is highly recommended when you are designing a simple website because it will help you to do it faster based on the fact that it is very easy to use. Some of the good features of Bootstrap is the fact that you can customize everything based on your need, comes with many built-in components for easy development and there is an aspect of guaranteed consistency for all developers and users.


NPM can be defined as the package manager for Nodes in JavaScript, making it easier for web designers to discover different re-usable codes that can be assembled in a better way and be more expedient. The tool has been used by many web developers as a command-line utility to assist in interaction with package repositories. NPM has more than 15,000 stars on Github. The key features for this tool include code discovery and re-usage, availability of more than 470,000 free code packages and the ability to manage private and public code on the same registry.


TypeScript is an open source and free software development tool that is very useful in scripting language during web development. Unlike the strict syntactical superset of JavaScript, this tool allows the developer to add customized static typing. This tool is very convenient for people who are developing large applications. TypeScript has more than 31,000 tools making it a front-end solution for language scripting in web development. The good thing about this tool is that you can use it in any system that JavaScript is running on because it is also compatible with other JavaScript libraries.

Software development tools will always be produced, and if new ones are not developed, the older ones will keep being updated to better versions, making them as good as new. The list above will help you when shopping for web development tools in the year 2019.

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