Probit – 100 EOS (Daily) & Samsung Galaxy (Weekly)

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A Quick summary about PROB

The PROB utility tokenProbit’s payment token (PROB) will serve as a native token for the backbone of the digital exchange with an upper cap of 200M tokens. The token holders can expect trading discounts, listing voting rights, higher slab in referral bonuses and early-access to newer features.
Based on the amount of PROB holding, users will be classified as STANDARD or PREMIUM. For the tech and ICO savvy, here is the Probit’s whitepaper. The PROB utility tokens would provide trading discounts (10% to 50%) on digital exchange‘s trading fee.

Membership Levels

There are 5 membership levels ranging from Standard, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Diamond based on the amount of PROB tokens in your account each with different and higher accesses and privileges respectively. The discounts go all the way from 10% at the lowest level to 50% for Diamond membership. Here is a depiction for these levels:
Prob Membership

The ProBit Grand Lottery

A great piece of news – ProBit, on the grand launch of its Digital Asset Exchange platform, has decided to run a Grand Lottery with as many as 10 winners per day (yes, you read that right, 10 e-v-e-r-y-day!). Each winner will receive 10 EOS (which is more than USD 50 at the time of writing). To top it off, the allocated lottery tickets also get randomly selected in a weekly draw, the winners for which would receive Samsung Galaxy S9 (a whooping USD 700 worth)!

Its raining money

The What, Where & How of tickets

Users must acquire tickets for their participating in the Probit’s lottery. While there are various methods to get the tickets, a simple registration at the Probit’s intuitive website is a must. Depending on the user activity and involvement further more lottery tickets get allocated be it during registration, after referrals or through the bounty program. It is really raining tickets! You register at Probit, you get 10 tickets for participation in the lottery. You subscribe to their Telegram channel and you get 10 more tickets. Your each friend or referral earns your 10 more tickets. Heck, even following their Facebook or Twitter handles helps get you 10 tickets. Basically, the tickets are a way for ProBit team to show their appreciation for being an active part of the community.

Talking about the Winners

While the daily 10 registered lucky users turned winners would have their digital wallets credited with the EOS, the grand winners of the Samsung Galaxy phones will be contacted directly by the ProBit team for required logistics. The winners list will be published on ProBit’s website.

Other Bonus Summary

All of the following bonuses and events run from 3th Nov until 30th Nov 2018, culminating into the Probit’s Grand Lottery Event for the registered users.

Registration Bonus 

Registration Bonus runs in parallel along with the Referral Program, Grand Lottery as well as the Bounty. Besides the tickets, a user who registers will get a reward of 4 USDT if he deposits a minimum amount of $50 worth of coins in his ProBit wallet.

Referral Bonus 

For each contact that you refer to Probit with a successful registration, you would received $4 USDT as well as 10-20% commission fee for all the trades that your referral makes on Probit.

Bounty Campaign 

40,000 USDT tokens will be rewarded to registered users who can help spread the word and promote ProBit on social media channels, blogs and websites. Users accumulate points that are converted to USDT rewards at the end of the campaign. This includes activity on Telegram, Content creation or blogging/vlogging on Medium/Youtube or any other platform, Facebook shares and Tweets.

ProBit Token (PROB) Pre-Sale Event

To support building the ProBit Exchange platform that will open on November 30, ProBit is currently holding a Pre-Sale event of ProBit tokens (PROB). The Pre-Sale event is a great opportunity to purchase ProBit tokens at a 10% bonus. This offer is limited only during the Pre-Sale period from November 5 to November 28. To learn more about PROB and the Pre-Sale Event, please refer to the following links:
Relevant Links:
ProBit’s Official Website:
ProBit’s Official Telegram Group:
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