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Advantages of Guest Posting

  • Exposure to a wide readership and industry.
  • Personal Author Page for showcasing your skills.
  • Promotion of your articles to establish networking.

Blogging Platform

  • You should Register and request for necessary permissions to write on
  • An Author’s page will be provided to you for enlisting your profile and skills.
  • Your posts will be shared by the LexyBit platform in relevant newsletters and e-mailers periodically to provide you with a higher visibility.

Good Engagement Practices

  • You should comment and engage in a dialog with visitors to your articles.
  • Share your published articles and invite your friends and contacts to review, learn and comment.
  • Be open to criticism and be willing to improve your articles based on reviews and comments while always being courteous to others.
  • Always share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc to circulate your learning and efforts.


  • Tech Articles may reference news on the Internet, your learning, your own commentary, understanding of technology etc.
  • The length of articles should be about 500-700 words and 3 or more paragraphs. Usage of proper English grammar, Technical concepts and diagrams is crucial.
  • The matter of posts and comments should be technical, non-criticizing and non-political.
  • Refrain from plagiarism and copying content directly from other websites. If you still take some content, please provide proper links for review and permissions.

Flow and Formatting

  • The posts will reviewed and should have proper formatting, heading, punctuation and should have passed the spell-check before submitting.
  • The posts should have a relevant feature image, enough content and should end with a summary of important points.
  • Any pictures used should be original and without any copyright violations. (Your own mobile-clicks and drawings are also encouraged)

How to start and find or define your areas

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging
  • Try to find which areas or topics are the most appealing to you. Read existing blog articles on and browse other things that you like.
  • Think what you would write about, if you are given an opportunity to present and speak to an audience.
  • Feel free to go beyond your assigned reading, course content, job experience and/or pick the latest trends if you like to expand on those horizons.
  • Research areas and original content is very appealing but would be hard to get in first few articles, so gradually start from simple stuff to sophisticated technologies.
  • You can submit your article or discuss your ideas before starting to write.

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