3 Great Pieces of Tech That Everyone Missed (or Forgot)

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3 Great Pieces of Tech That Everyone Missed (or Forgot)

Sometimes, something fantastic just doesn’t take off. Whether that’s because there was a lack of public awareness or people simply not realizing how useful the subject could be, it just doesn’t work. This applies to technology too. Over the years, there has been many different pieces of technology released which were genuinely brilliant yet ended up failing. Here’s our top 3 great pieces of tech that everyone missed – or forgot.

Google Glass

Unveiled by Google in 2012, there was obviously massive buzz around Google Glass. That’s why it’s so unusual that this piece of technology was swiftly forgotten and moved on from: Google shelved the product in 2015.
It’s unusual for a piece of technology to have so much promotion from the beginning and still fail, so where did it go wrong for Google Glass?
The high price tag certainly didn’t help matters: at $1,500, it certainly wasn’t the best way to help a product become mainstream. Other than the price, there was also privacy concerns with the piece of tech; it allowed users to discreetly record videos. This meant it was banned from many locations.
Despite the fact this had potential to really take off, it has faded in to the back of people’s memories.


With the first BlackBerry mobile phone, BlackBerry Pearl, released in 2006 – before the very first iPhone – it had a huge advantage over other smartphones on the market as it was the first to hold such innovative technology.
As one of the first smartphones available, this was many users’ first. This device could connect to the internet, email and chat using BBM – instant messaging provided by the company. By 2011, BlackBerry sold 50 million devices a year.
By 2016 however, BlackBerry was only selling little over 4 million devices in the whole year. Still in existence, how did this huge success become a mere ghost of itself in 5 years?
Frankly, BlackBerry failed to keep up with the times. In fact, they didn’t even try.
Fiercely stubborn, the business decided that they would stick with their trademark physical keyboard instead of adopting a full touchscreen. As this vastly became the preferred option for users’ phones, BlackBerry devices were abandoned.
For a business so pioneering in the beginning, BlackBerry’s complete lack of attempt to keep up led to their success becoming fleeting.

Compatible SFPs

Compatible SFPs have been around for what feels like an eternity. These are the same as the vendor-supplied SFPs with the only difference being that compatible SFPs have no branding.
Compatible SFPs are so fantastic because it means that people can make a huge saving whilst getting exactly what they would from the vendor product.
Why haven’t compatible SFPs gone on to be the huge success that they should be?
When it comes to compatible SFPs, most people aren’t aware that they’re basically the same SFPs as those that you can purchase from the vendor. The price tag has put many people off as they think compatible SFPs must be cheap for a reason. This has led to compatible SFPs not becoming successful.
This article was written by Jack Mitchell with helpful information from Compatible SFP. Jack is a Yorkshire lad who likes the outdoors, cinema and reading.

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