Technology is about to overtake humans in all aspects

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Technology takes care of your mood more than you do for your self
Today we are living in a science age where man has conquered moon and looking forward to reach other planets and so on and in that time it is not acceptable to travel in cart like cars. Where technology rules over in every field automotive makes feel to introduce technology in cars as well not just to improve their sales but also to be more reliable and comfortable for their customers and to facilitate them even better.
Powerful engines, luxury interiors and sporty looks are now out of the list, people want technology and latest features in their vehicles not to look cool but on some level it is one of the necessities they demand.
And to fulfill their demands automobile manufacturers’ work hard day and night but it is humans, who are never satisfied with any of its achievement. Sometimes it is because of margin of improvement and sometimes it is because of needs and more demands. That is why it is said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.
Here we are listing few quality technology features which people are enjoying in their latest cars and few of those which will be launched soon by top automotive makes in coming time.
Biometric system to access the vehicle

Biometric System

Biometric System

Now you will have the capability to open and start your vehicle without any key or some other equipment besides your finger prints or perhaps through an eye scan. Sounds like the most recent mobile phone technology? In fact it’s the very same idea.
Displays at active windows
Head-Up Display (HUD) innovation has made considerable progress from the light, washed out green digits a few cars anticipated on their windshields 20 years back. However, in the same class as HUD is in 2015, by 2020 we will see the dynamic glass equipped for showing lively pictures. Think about a navigation system which really features the following turn as observed from your point of view, through the windshield as you approach it.
Shutdown your vehicle by remote
Vehicle Remote

Vehicle Remote

This innovation of technology as of now exists, with OnStar using it consistently. As of late the telematics organization has shut down many stolen cars, finishing police pursues swiftly and with little drama. By 2020 remote vehicle shutdown will enter social awareness.
Comprehensive system for tracking a vehicle
Insurance agencies, and some state governments, are as of now discussing charges in light of what number of miles a man drives. By 2020 insurance agencies will offer a diminished rate for drivers that consent to full following of their conduct. I’m confident this innovation stays deliberate, however do I anticipate a presumably future where insurance agencies will require far reaching driver following? Unfortunately, yes.
Trustworthy body panels
The little SUV class is seeing expanded request nowadays, whereas truck deals develop significantly as well. Consider the possibility that you could have both vehicle writes under one roof. Imagine a SUV with lightweight body boards and propelled engines that remove the rooftop and side glass into the lower body boards. Presently toss in Chrysler minivan stow-and-go design of seat and it is great. A truck and SUV are in one vehicle now. Yes it could happen.
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