The 5 Best Places to Get Crypto-News

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How to Stay Up to Date on All Things Crypto

Today the cryptocurrency world is flooded with a plethora of crypto-media in the form of journals, podcasts, YouTube channels, aggregators and thousands of informal blogs. Cryptocurrency investors and blockchain fanatics striving to stay on top of important breaking news could potentially spend hours sifting through various websites and one could quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of push notifications coming from these sites.
While in most situations more is better, having easy access to breaking cryptocurrency news is something of a double edged sword as fake news, rampant self promotion and CTR+C summaries of of articles posted on other journals can make pinpointing accurate, trustworthy crypto-news a challenge.
Here are five high quality, reputable crypto-news sources that cryptocurrency and blockchain addicts can rely on for breaking news, unique content and original insights.


Anyone looking for next level technical analysis of Bitcoin and altcoins will find that Charting Man Dan and his crew of merry analysts satisfy every curiosity and question. Dan provides consistently detailed technical analysis that is digestible for novices, but engaging enough to ensnare the attention of expert traders. Daily 15-20 minute videos post on TheChartGuys Youtube channel and regular analysis of a range of rotating altcoins are selected by votes cast from TheChartGuys community. Charting Man Dan and TheChartGuys do provide paid cryptocurrency technical analysis courses and membership to an online forum, but he doesn’t force it on viewers. For those looking for general analysis, the daily videos are more than sufficient. Dan has a fantastic sense of humor, is extremely pragmatic in his methodology and is quite relatable to a general audience as he does not come off as a know it all. Be sure to check TheChartGuys out! 


Michael Gu heads the Boxmining show and is currently one of the more successful YouTube channels with nearly 200k subscribers. Gu consistently provides well crafted newscasts and the occasional interview with industry influencers. As a cryptocurrency expert, Gu covers daily news, coin reviews and more. He has a knack for breaking down technical jargon related to blockchain technology into easily digestible bites. Subscribers appreciate Gu for his unique perspective and friendly approach to covering all things crypto.


BerminalBerminal is a ground breaking blockchain and live crypto news platform powered by a team of multilingual journalists who create and curate content. The platform is essentially a cryptocurrency terminal that puts all the useful information cryptocurrency investors require into one user-friendly IOS or Android app. Gone are the days of sifting through bookmarks, spending hours checking all the crypto media journals for updated information and then cross referencing sources to weed out rumors. The content editors handpick breaking news developments from CoinTelegraph, CCN, CoinDesk and many other journals, then push the most important stories directly to investors.  Berminal’s portfolio tracker also allows users to filter news by coin and readers searching for additional details can click embedded links to view the original source. The interface is fantastic and allows readers to freely peruse through and customize real time charts provided by TradingView. The team at Berminal value user feedback and incentivize readers to engage with the platform by playing games, providing article feedback and completing fun quizzes which are all rewarded in BERM token. Berminal is a relatively new platform and with only 4-months on the scene the app claims more than 100,000 registrations. Currently the Berminal team is rewarding app users with BERM token for downloading the app and making referrals. Users can even earn tokens by playing Crypto Psychic, which is an intriguing bitcoin price prediction game.  


Every crypto zealot should have DataDash bookmarked in their browser. Nearly 315,000 subscribers regularly turn up for the podcast hosted by Nicholas Merten and he has grown to become a go to source for all things crypto related. From chart building, technical analysis, current event and market reviews, Merten pretty much covers it all. Give his Daily Update program a go in order to stay up to date on breaking crypto and blockchain events. For those who are looking for guidance on how to conduct technical analysis, Merten also has a fantastic Trading Tips series where he breaks down the ins and outs of the most important indicators and oscillators used to predict market sentiment and cryptocurrency price action.


Unchained is incredibly popular and successful, but it still deserves a recommendation so that anyone interested in blockchain won’t accidentally miss it. Show host, Laura Shin, was once Senior Editor at Forbes and now as an independent journalist she ensures that each show provides an enjoyably informative discussion of all things blockchain and cryptocurrency related. There are numerous interviews with heavy-hitters like Amber Badet, Jimmy Song, and Arthur Hayes, and each podcast is topic driven with discussions that explain the future of cryptocurrency loans to how blockchain will be used to connect organ donors to patients on long donor waiting lists. Laura Shin is at the tip top of her game and this podcast is not to be missed.

Other Crypto Podcasts and YouTube Figures Worth Mentioning

Another fantastic podcast worth mentioning is Crypto 101 which is literally “The Average Consumers Guide to Cryptocurrency.” This show truly covers all things crypto in a way that a nocoiner would grasp and it is an excellent starting point for those who might be curious about cryptocurrency. It’s a great one to pass along to newbies and even better for those in need of a quick refresher about a particular coin or the inner workings of blockchain technology.
Crypto Bobby also deserves an honorable mention for his levity and love of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Bobby is a self-described “average guy” with a love for talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s clear that others appreciate listening to him wax poetic about Bitcoin, altcoins, news events and technical analysis because he currently has about 144k subscribers.
Crypto podcasts and YouTube personalities are bound to grow as cryptocurrencies become further integrated into everyday activities. The various platforms discussed in this article have demonstrated themselves to be a cut above their peers by providing consistently trustworthy and accurate information. Of course, it wise for every investor and fan to due dillengene and this list is merely designed to serve as launch board for further research and discovery of the crypto hemisphere. Enjoy the journey!
Do you have any recommendations for other great crypto podcasts and YouTube channels?
Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as financial advice.

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Horace Whitaker is the Senior Editor for Berminal, a blockchain news platform and aggregator which covers the most important breaking cryptocurrency news 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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