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The world today has over 4 Billion monthly active messaging app users across the globe and this figure is constantly increasing. Among its many uses and benefits, the Internet has transformed and simplified how people communicate with such ease around the globe. In addition to email, instant messaging has played a large role in bringing people closer together.

With TOK, we are creating a new universe of communication. Technology has its upside and downside. In the digital age of communication, one of the primary downsides has been the breach of user data; one that’s become a constant worry and with a huge populated list of applications all trying to work over the other. With companies & hackers making money off of the private data of consumers, TOK aims to see the end of that fear that has engulfed the world with privacy leaks and data hacks.

TOK aims to build a new universe of communication with faster, more secure & private communications enabling people around the world. TOK, will be the new age communication application which will enable users with seamless & secure exchange of data not only through Chats- Group and Private and Audio & Video Calls but also empower its users with several added features to help create a communication ecosystem that is not only conducive for personal, social but also for professional purposes.

The TOK app is set to be rolled out in 3 phases.

  • Feb 19: Phase 1: Mini Version of the Application with Group & Private Chat, Audio Call & Video Call features with an inbuilt TOK wallet.
  • Sept 19: Phase 2: This phase will be a little more developed with added features like Webinars, Video Meetings and Secret Chats.
  • Jan 2020: Phase 3: The final phase of the app will add the finishing touches and breaking the market with an inbuilt Marketplace, Peer2Peer Gaming, and an Exchange.

With the market slump last year, the TOK ICO was majorly ill-timed and did not help with the intended soft cap. The Team used the funds raised for the development and launch of the mini version (Phase 1) and some development of Phase 2. However, TOK would need a lot more to prepare the launch of Phase 2 and the development of Phase 3. That is the purpose of doing the IEO.

The world deserves to communicate effortlessly – The TOK App will make it happen.

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Nipoon is a Project Management and Business Strategy Professional with over 15 years of experience in various industries and has been responsible for the success of many projects across the globe. Nipoon is not only a Six Sigma Green Belt but also has a Dual Specialization in Marketing & International Business. He is on the board of Advis.

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