The TOK IEO plans to cross a new milestone in the crypto universe

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With Major Investments being moved in IEOs, The TOK IEO plans to cross a new milestone in the crypto universe.

A lot of speculation around the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) and the debates around Pros & Cons. Simply put, 2019 so far has seen the resurgence of Cryptocurrency with the bullish market and heavy boost in capital fundraising. A lot of good projects established their ground with the rise of the IEOs which also gave hope to several other projects like The TOK App.

The TOK ICO barely made 3% of the soft cap and with the private investors looking to safeguard the primary investments, reinvestments became a long shot. Although there were some like CINDX and TEMCO who made it and over 1200 ICOs fighting for investments in that period, we did observe a massive dip in the overall ICO funding from Aug 2018.

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We can see as the market continued to drop from June till Dec.


Even with the sluggish market, the TOK App launched their Mini Version or Phase 1 on the play store as assured in February 2019 giving the people the trust needed to rebuild the assumed “sinking ship” and shutting up people who kept asking for the Team behind the show.

On the brighter side of things, recently, we have seen a spark as the market turned from bearish to bullish within 2 weeks and then has been peaking on and off ever since. This could also be a credit to the increased circulation and success observed by projects in the past few months with the rise of the IEOs.

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With the TOK IEO going live on Shortex on the 15th of August 2019, the project aims to collect enough funds for a Bigger Round 2 with 2 to 3 other exchanges in an attempt to meet the Softcap of 3.5Mn USD. Once the IEO phases end in September, the project will launch Phase 2 almost immediately along with the tradings on the exchanges.

tok ico

“The intent is to build a platform that makes freedom of speech and expression a reality in the truest sense and the rest doesn’t matter.” says the co-founder of the TOK App. The TOK App unifies various purposes of communication right from basic communication features like chat, audio/video calls, etc to conferencing, gamification, trade and exchange as well. The TOK App can not only be used as a corporate communication solution in niche industries but also help SMEs by liberating them from the limitations of various operations and allowing seamless business management across the globe. With the Token utility well established within the application itself and the credibility the project has created over the past year or so, the TOK App hopes to maintain the Token Value giving the token holders a chance to grow with the project itself.

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This is only the beginning and from what it seems, there is a much larger game plan here. All hands on deck and eyes on the road for it will get bigger!



Nipoon is a Project Management and Business Strategy Professional with over 15 years of experience in various industries and has been responsible for the success of many projects across the globe. Nipoon is not only a Six Sigma Green Belt but also has a Dual Specialization in Marketing & International Business. He is on the board of Advisors for Project Planning and Execution of the entire TOK project.

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