Top 5 Benefits of Boardroom Automation

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Top 5 Benefits of Boardroom Automation
The idea of paperless work flow has gained momentum in last a couple of years which to improve the efficiency of meetings. Meetings and gatherings of the higher official of a company usually happen in the world of information technology.
One must always keep in mind that service meetings are the heart of the company’s management system. Through boardroom meetings, companies achieve a number of targets, such as activating capabilities, removing the information vacuum and consolidating staff. So, such meetings act as a platform for personal meetings and discussion of important issues and policies and are popular despite the availability of computers, e-mail, and telephones.
These days, companies emphasize on boardroom automation to save the valuable time of managers and increase the efficiency of the working staff.  The purpose of such meetings is to the transfer of the necessary information and orders from the top down the management for the speedy implementation of them.
See some Boardroom Automation options shown in the chart here below:

The main Stages of Boardroom Meetings Automation Options
Preparation and organization
  •  The storage of all information in the meeting card, where participants, agenda, venue, materials are clearly mentioned,
  • Maintaining a schedule of meetings,
  • Automatic reminder of the time.
  • The formation of the meeting protocol and
  • Distribution, coordination, and teamwork for meeting’s protocol.


Controlling the execution of orders
  • Automatic dispatch of orders and
  • Hassle-free tracking the execution of orders in the information system.
Analysis of meetings
  • It allows you to record the main parameters of meetings, such as duration, number of participants, labor costs, etc.
  • The analysis of the decisions taken complements.


Now, have a look at the main benefits of boardroom automation, which are explained here below:

  1. Hassle-free Equipment Management

In a boardroom meeting, different types of applications are used, such as home and professional audio systems, TVs, projectors, video walls, cinemas, etc. The introduction of the automation system will allow you to manage the whole complex system simply by pressing a simple button. The right content will automatically get displayed on the screen which all people want to see. For instance, when a projector is turned on, the light will be extinguished automatically. It will enable you to watch a movie before the presentation starts.

  1. Easy Management of Climatic Conditions

Air conditioning is used in almost all offices to keep the temperate under control. Because of the use of the automation systems, it is possible to create their own micro climate indoors, including temperature and humidity control, the management of various heating appliances, and ventilation systems. Similar automatic climate systems are used in production and establish a simple and effective climate for employees.

  1. Security

The automation system can perform the functions of the watchman. Sensors connected to the system can easily monitor the status of doors, windows, signal movement or other sounds. There are solutions for monitoring household systems, from electrical networks to sewerage and heating.

  1. Easy Management of Arbitrary Devices

Automation can be applied even on all those equipment that did not initially mean automatic operation. Special devices (actuators), as well as controllers, allow you to connect almost any technical devices to the automation system, as well as link their work to the indications of certain sensors. Thus, it is possible to automate the water supply of the facility or the fire-extinguishing system, electric de-icing, ventilation, and the inclusion of a coffee machine.

  1. Office Automation

Automation of a meeting room saves a lot of time and increase the effectiveness of business communication by leaps and bounds. When the presentation begins, the control system will set the required level of lighting, lower the blinds, and load the necessary materials. The content of the presentation is automatically broadcasted to tablets and on the projection screen. All control is easily carried out from a single console or an interactive screen.
In the same way, the entire office building can be automated. Users can easily pre-book an arbitrary in the building, set the desired climate settings and prepare everything necessary for a meeting, conference or negotiation. Here, the automation system can be can be integrated into the organization’s system of event planning, so that the whole process from the decision making about the meeting can get processed quickly without facing any hassle.
Final Words
Boardroom meetings keep taking place here offices. By automating such meetings, company owners, CEOs, managers can conduct and conclude meetings smoothly, take vital decisions swiftly, and boost the overall productivity of the company.

Author Bio:

Lisa Cooper works as a writer for Fixtel, an Australian owned and operated telecommunications company to provide quality Boardroom Audio Visual Services.
She is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When She manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, She will read books, travel or shoot photos.

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