Top TedX talks on blockchain you can’t miss!

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Future of Money - Cyptocurrency

Top TedX  talks on blockchain you can’t miss!

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been around for some time now but how these two technologies work is still mystery for many. The team at has filtered the top 5 TedX talks on blockchain and cryptocurrency that will help you understand these technologies in a better way.  What better than to hear from experts themselves to understand these complex topics?
Cryptocurrencies are certainly the pulsing point but blockchain is a “foundation technology” that everyone from governments, banks, financial institutions to big brands is interested in learning about and exploring its potential.
Amidst the chaos and crave of cryptocurrencies, let’s talk blockchain today. Shall we!
Cryptocurrencies are certainly the pulsing point but blockchain is a “foundation technology” that everyone from governments, banks, financial institutions to big brands is interested in learning about and exploring its potential.
So, we are going to talk about the top 5 blockchain Ted talks that will not only help you understand this concept but will give you the deep insights of blockchain directly from the minds of the experts.

“How the Blockchain will radically transform the economy” by Bettina Warburg

The first ted talk on our list is by Bettina Warburg who is a blockchain researcher that talks about how blockchain can change everything. Pretty wide and dramatic but interesting and true. Warburg gives a clear explanation of this confused technology by describing in detail how blockchain will eliminate the traditional institutions like banks that are basically centralized. Just what we needed, right!
She focuses on the interesting concepts of this technology including transparency, autonomy and its distributed facet.

“How the Blockchain is changing money and business” by Don Tapscott

A digital strategist by profession, Don Tapscott in his ted talk gives you the extended version of what exactly blockchain is. A detailed clarification on the blockchain technological facts and how it really works. That is the tough part. We might have an idea or understand this technology but its working is a different game altogether and this is where this Tedx gives you that knowledge.
And, let’s be honest, we are all in when it comes to money! Describing blockchain as the second generation of internet, he covers its potential to transform the money, government and even society.

“The future of Money” by Neha Narula

Oh! The charm of money. Mixed with Blockchain. Neha Narula in her “The future of Money” ted talk gives you the answer to the “question” what happens we change the way we buy and sell or pay or as a matter of fact removes the banks from that chain. Interesting isn’t it!
The basis of bitcoin and ethereum is a decentralized payment structure, eliminating the middlemen like banks. We are surely not there, yet! But Narula gives us a picture that defines this future in clarity.

“We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers” by Rachel Botsman

In this Ted talk, Rachel Botsman will be talking to you about changing the concept of trust. Given that Botsman is an expert on trust and collaboration enabled by digital technologies, she sure talks a detailed and factual scenario.
She explains how people put their trust in technologies like blockchain and platforms like Airbnb which are more often than not are total strangers. This shift from traditional financial institutions brings forth an inclusive, transparent and accountable economy.

“Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the future of branded currency” by Paul Kemp-Robertson

Here, the speaker Paul Kemp-Robertson takes us through a currency that has the same marketing support but which is on behalf of a private brand. The mix of marketing with currency is an interesting tangent that tells us how banks and governments make them trustworthy to us.
He surely packed a punch by getting us to meet the future of currencies that are non-bank with some great examples as well.
Blockchain technology is an interesting concept that is revolutionary not only in terms of finances but overall to the society.
So, if you want to know more or go in-depth, check out these Tedx on the blockchain.

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